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Attitude of Gratitude - Meditation

Being grateful is one of the easiest ways to enhance and improve your everyday lives. Not only will it enhance your connection to others, but it will improve the relationship with you have with yourself and the world around you. Below is a short meditation that you can incorporate into your everyday life to bring in more of that soulful gratitude!

Take a couple of deep, full inhales, and exhale fully, releasing all of the stale air from your lungs. Inhale fresh oxygen, and exhale fully. Do that a few more times.

Focus your awareness on your breath. Use your breath as an anchor to your awareness, pulling your awareness again and again to the experience of breathing.

As you inhale allow your awareness to follow your breath, moving into the body. As you exhale allow your body to relax. Inhale awareness, exhale relaxation. As you inhale feel the air coming in touch with your nostrils, nose, throat, chest, lungs, and as you exhale soften your body. Soften your muscles while maintaining a straight spine.

As you watch your breath, continue to concentrate on the sensations in your body. If you find your mind wandering, simply notice that it has wandered, let the thoughts go; and gently bring your mind back to the breath.

From this state of relaxation - allow yourself to ponder the question: Who or what do I appreciate in my life right now? Breathe in... and out... and ask yourself again... Who or what do I appreciate in my life right now? Notice the first thing that comes to mind and bring your attention to it...

Continue to breathe, allowing yourself to focus on that first thing that came into your mind... There are many things in life that we can be grateful for, but for this meditation try to focus on one aspect of your life that you appreciate most in this moment...

Continue to breathe and focus on that one thing that came to your mind first. The thing you are grateful for in this moment... visualize it clearly and notice the feelings that arise in your body...breathe in...and out...and focus on this feeling of gratitude...

Try not to focus on any thoughts... if thoughts arise, just let them pass - and come back to focusing on how you feel as you visualize something you are grateful for. Deep inhale... full exhale... continue to picture this one thing that you appreciate in your life right now and notice how you are feeling...

Scan your body with your awareness, notice different areas and how they feel, notice the sensations in your body as you focus on gratitude...observe these sensations and appreciate them... Enjoy them.

Breathe in... and out... feeling gratitude for that one thing in your life that you are grateful for right now... Watching with kindness and acceptance as you experience gratitude...

Close out your meditation once you feel ready. Take your time.

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