Autumn Rituals

Autumn is a powerful time of transition. Fall asks us to recognize the fruits of our labor, enjoy them, and turn inward. A display of fiery foliage is mother nature’s way of showing that even the most beautiful things aren’t permanent— it’s a performance of her final number before she releases it all and retires until spring.

Anytime we experience substantial outer change—— moving from the freedom of summer to the structure of fall, temperatures dropping, and changing landscapes—- it’s easy to underestimate inner shifts that occur as a result. They happen regardless of if we are conscious of it or not.

Autumn is a time to…..

  • Celebrate the harvest by giving thanks to Mother Earth 🌎

  • Enjoy nature’s gifts of fall foliage 🍁 , meteor showers, and starry skies 🌌

  • Balance Vata energy in Ayurvedic tradition

  • Drink warming herbal teas to clarify lungs 🍵

  • Finish and wrap up any projects left unfinished to clear space for reflection and exploration.

  • Breathe deeply to help your mind and body transition into the quiet space of winter

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