Find Your Inner Power to Heal

Written by Emily Pola

Power. A word that we use often to describe things outside of our own internal being. We use this word to describe people in politics, things needing an electrical charge, and even in mathematics. We neglect to learn what internal power is and how it plays a vital role in our capacity to heal. Webster's Dictionary defines power as the “ability to act or produce an effect”. Our internal power holds the energy needed to heal and transform lower vibrational energies. This could be as simple as wanting to shift an addictive attitude or behavior, or healing from a chronic illness. All healing, big or small, requires this internal power to create the intended effect we want to see,

So where does this power within us live and where does it go? All religion and spiritual tradition speaks about this internal power that lives within us. According to Vedic tradition, our internal power begins in our third chakra, also called the Solar Plexus or Manipura. As we move up the Chakra System, we move from the Second Chakra, which is our center that revolves on our relationship to others, into to the third chakra, which holds our internal power, responsibility, self-discipline, and self-esteem. Many people create blockages that block our internal power by relying on externals-- the relationships, the money, and or anything outside of ourselves in order to feel whole and complete.

When we call back our energy and bring awareness to the ways we limit our potential, we immediately shift from external power to internal power. This circuit is the fuel we need to wake up in the morning and live a life for YOURself.

When a lack of inner power shows up in our lives, it is teaching us the lesson of becoming our own source of fulfillment. The ways in which powerlessness presents itself varies from person to person, and can change depending on the place we are at in our lives.

Some examples of this include:

  • Showing excess of external power, through their occupation, words, accessories, or looks.

  • Trying to control others because they can’t control themselves.

  • Unable to make decisions on their own.

  • They need routines and plans, when something changes abruptly it’s difficult to process.

  • They change the rules of the game to favor themselves.

  • They rely on external validation in order to feel secure.

When we bring awareness to all the ways in which we give our power away, we begin to heal our inner being. Activating our life force is what heals our internal and external world because we begin to see the power we have been losing, and see how that has been rooted in a belief that power is something we must earn or prove.

Healing the relationship to ourself begins with the awareness and intention to heal and bringing back our power. Most of our behaviors and beliefs are rooted in our subconscious mind. In order to bring these behaviors and beliefs to our conscious mind, we must stay present in our body. Grounding and Earthing is a great technique that offers a variety of health benefits, ranging from stress reduction, to reducing inflammation, and even boosting creativity. All healing requires our energy to be rooted in the present moment. Once our bodies are centered and grounded, we bring awareness to our subconscious thoughts and beliefs that have been running the show. Start taking an inventory of all the ways we block or give away our internal power. See how this affects your life, your relationships, and your goals and then make the conscious choice to bring your power back. Cut the cords to all external sources of power and find ways in which to reaffirm your internal power. See this shift begin to transform all areas of your life.

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