Love Your Darkness

Written By Emily Pola

We live in a society that shames our “darkness”.

When we confront our shadows and integrate them with love and acceptance, we dissolve the need to hide behind them. Our shadows allow our light to shine. Without the darkness of night, we wouldn't be able to see the moon's light or the stars glimmering above. Light illuminates when we see it in the dark. The aspects of ourselves that we are ashamed of, or are too afraid to face, hold the key to unlocking our greatest gift. Denial holds the power until we choose to step out of it. Understanding our pain and trauma releases the egos need to hide behind a false mask. We are able to take our power back; we expand and learn from our past. When we look in the mirror, we see every part of ourselves with love and compassion. Our darkness is not “bad” nor “good”. It is equally important to embrace the dark journey as it is the light. It is part of our soul's evolution.

Understanding the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful requires us to go through it. We are meant to experience all of life's emotions. The idea that we can bypass our past is not going to happen. That energy from our past will always come back to us until we face it and understand it. The school of life wants us to learn through experience. Success does not mean ignoring the mistakes, the pain, and the past. It means looking at it in the eye and seeing it for what it is. When we face our fears, it does not have the control anymore.

Our perspective of life widens when we can enjoy the journey of light and dark. We all have a shadow when we stand in front of a light. The more we can share this part of ourselves, the more we are able to make soul filled connections that are based on pure love. To see another being as they truly are. To understand that a shadow within needs love too.

The hardships may open a door to something new within that leads to a new life. Acknowledging how we feel and embracing these emotions with love and acceptance allows us to release judgement. From here, we can live from a truly authentic place that doesn't feel the need to hide.

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