The Gift of Sadness

We all have had a moment in our lives when we get lost in our sorrows. The sadness of a relationship that has changed, the loss of a loved one, or even not getting exactly what you wanted. The emotions we experience when we feel stuck in the blues can feel like anger to some, sadness to others, or even lost to a few. Unsure of what to feel or how to process what actually occurred can come as a result of feeling in the dumps.

However, this sadness is meant to be felt. The aching heart can only heal once it has been acknowledged, heard, and understood. Lessons are a byproduct of this feeling. Sadness is not inherently good or bad, it is part of the human condition. It is our teacher and our biggest ally. For without sadness, we would not know the feelings of triumph or bliss. We live in a world of duality, all of which are two opposites of the same spectrum. We must experience sadness, before we can rise to even greater heights. It is here to push us past our limiting beliefs, to show us where our past traumas lie, and to help us reach our highest potential.

Sadness can teach us where we need to heal, it uncovers where our triggers lie. If we were let down by someone we love, we may need to ask ourselves where we gave that power away. What feeling was taken from me that I allowed to be taken? What do I want to feel at this moment and how can I go about feeling that for myself?

The questions we ask ourselves when we feel down can bring us greater self awareness and new ways to heal ourselves in each moment. To find our strength and purpose within ourselves gives us the greatest gift of all, becoming our own self healer. The one who will always give us exactly what we need. to become fully self reliant to fill our own needs. This is the gift of sadness. I feel you Sadness I see you Sadness. I understand your purpose.

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