Why the Full Moon

After the darkness of night on the New Moon, the Moon gains light, growing and expanding, until it reaches the Full Moon. Without darkness, there would not be light. Everything in our three dimensional world has its opposite, because without one, there would not be the other. Just as the swirling yin contains its counterpart yang. We live in a world of integrated opposition. We also contain these opposing energies within ourselves, which require continual awareness and attention in order to maintain a balanced state of being.

Every Full Moon brings us an opportunity to work with these opposing forces within ourselves through the reflection and revelation of these energies. When the Moon becomes Full, the Sun and Moon are sitting across from each other in the sky, opposing each other. The Sun and Moon are further influenced by the Zodiac signs that the Sun and Moon are lying in. Their physical opposition forms an axis of energy, holding a spectrum of vibrations ranging from highest to lowest of the Zodiac signs involved. Under the Full Moon, we can feel the entire spectrum, making it feel intense. Both our light and our shadows surface, gifting us an opportunity to see the hidden parts of ourselves that lurk in the shadows. Finding the strength to look at ourselves with an open heart, we have the opportunity to to alchemize and transform our energy, and grow with the Moon's energy.

If the New Moon is the time we plant our intentions, then the Full Moon is the time we do the work to manifest our intentions. This work lies in our ability to look at our subconscious, where our suppressed energies lie. These energies are our shadows, and hold our lower frequency feelings. Because these energies are below our conscious mind, they block our efforts to manifest our dreams. They are old patterns leftover from childhood or when we felt a fight or flight response. Our shadows also contain our conditioned patterns we’ve used in the past to gain energy for ourselves. Until we understand that energy is infinite, it is everything we see, feel, hear, and sense, we will be under the control of our subconscious. Our low vibrations carry the manipulations we have used to control a situation, or keep ourselves small in order to remain “safe”, yet in order to change, we must let go of who we once were in order to become who we want to be.

Each Full Moon brings the opportunity to align with the higher frequencies through shadow and release work. The Moon gives us the energy in order to do the work. Every lower vibration felt, has a bit of its oppositional frequency. Every anxious thought carries a piece of excitement. Every judgement carries a piece of compassion.

On the Full Moon, release what no longer is serving you. Pay attention to what you feel within your body on this day, and let it guide you.

Rituals for the Full Moon:

Every Full moon is a chance to metaphorically and physically drop anything that no longer serves you.


  1. On the Full Moon, think back on any negative energy or limiting beliefs keeping you from reaching a certain goal

  2. Write them down on small pieces of paper. Burn these notes in front of a bowl of water and watch the fire fade by the water's magic. You can place a crystal in the bowl of water to add to the power.

  3. Repeat this phrase while burning the small pieces of paper, “Thank you, but I no longer need you” with each piece you wrote down.

  4. Put the bowl under the full moon, and take the water the next day and release it back to the Earth--- an ocean, the ground, or anywhere you can safely release it.

** If you can't safely burn the pieces of paper, you can also rip them up with your hands and place them in the bowl.

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